Energy resource management, use and allocation at community level has been identified as the best way to create healthy living environments for the earth’s populace and save resources while doing so. Therefore, many government legislations have been put into effect over the last three decades or so. Of all of these regulations, one of the most effective and rewarding so far has been the Title 24 Regulation of the California Energy Code. Title 24 otherwise called “The Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-residential Buildings” is a compliance regulation in effect in the state of California, put in place to ensure that both residential and non-residential properties have optimal energy resource management and use efficiency.

What is the purpose of Title 24?

While the regulation has many purposes laid out in its mandate, these purposes can be condensed into three basic functions:

  • The compliance regulation serves the ultimate purpose of using technology and other techniques to provide the State of California with optimal, efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly supply of energy for both residential and non-residential functions.
  • To create an avenue for the state of California to reduce its Greenhouse emissions by the year 2020, as stipulated by the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act.
  • To research, design and implement methods for improving energy resource use efficiency thereby making energy more available, efficient and affordable.

While compliance to Title 24 is mandatory within California, this is actually a very good thing because, complying with the regulations of the Title provides a great deal of benefits for residential and non-residential buildings regardless of their category. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • More efficient energy (I.e. energy that does more work for you)
  • Green and Health-friendly energy
  • Ease of compliance regulation that considers the users first

Due to the nature and evolving needs of The Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-residential Buildings, Title 24 is constantly updated to meet current technological trends and continually seek ways to promote efficient technology use. Therefore, compliance to the regulation is often hard work because of the need to always be abreast of new changes in the regulations not to mention complying with those changes. For this reason, the use of energy consultant who have expertise in aiding compliance goes a long way to ensure that you are always up-to-date and fully compliant.

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