If you are an architect or a builder who is working in the City of Angels, you are going to require the services of MEP consultants. Los Angeles building professionals have been relying on our firm for more than three decades, and we have established a spotless client satisfaction rate. This is quite an accomplishment when you consider the size and scope of many of the projects that we have worked on.

There are numerous different attributes that set us apart from other MEP consultants in Los Angeles beyond the experience factor. You have to be able to act quickly as construction projects take twists and turns, and we are fully aware of this dynamic. We are extremely responsive when it comes to client communication, and this is one of the reasons why our clients come back to us time and time again. Versatility is another one of our strengths. We have worked on countless different assignments over the years, so we can apply our acquired knowledge to a vast array of different types of building projects.

Our energy management capabilities are also very well developed. Here in the state of California, building projects have to adhere to the Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards. This code is very detailed and complex, and it applies to all aspects of the building process. To complicate matters further, it is updated on an ongoing basis. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Title 24 compliance standards, and we are always up to date as they are revised every three years.

Attention to detail is a must, and we also place an emphasis on professional integrity and full accountability. Simply put, we are the MEP consultants Los Angeles builders can count on, and we have a track record to prove it. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact Khalifeh & Associates at 310-305-1555 or visit www.KhalifehAssociates.com.

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